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BoostUp's RevOps MasterClass is dedicated to elevating professionals in Revenue Operations. Spearheaded by industry leaders, our courses blend insights and actionable strategies, all designed for your RevOps success.

Our Instructors

"I designed my course for RevOps MasterClass to offer insights on how to think about designing an effective sales organization given the different types of GTM strategies your organization may be considering. It's crafted to give participants a better understanding of the role revenue operations can play in this setting in order to set your organization up for success."
Tim Sedwitz, Head of Revenue Operations at Snorkel AI
"Through these RevOps MasterClass courses, I've poured in decades of knowledge, aiming to demystify the complexities of RevOps. I designed my sessions with a clear intent: to arm professionals with actionable insights, ensuring they not only understand RevOps but can actively implement its principles for transformative results in their organizations."
Matt Durazzani, CRO at Olumo
"In these RevOps MasterClass courses, I delve deep into the intricacies of marketing operating cadences and the art of efficient campaign planning. I've shared hands-on strategies, from system optimization to process alignment, all designed to empower professionals to refine their operations and ensure their marketing efforts drive impactful results."
Jeff Cullimore, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Coalition
"From emphasizing the balance between compensation and commissions to tying client health directly to revenue, I've applied my whole experience to the curriculum of RevOps MasterClass. They are designed to offer learners both the breadth and depth of knowledge, ensuring they can tackle real-world challenges in RevOps with clarity and expertise."
Kyle Welch, Director of Revenue Operations at Icario
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Matt Durazzani

Matt Durazzani, Olumo's Chief Revenue Officer, has over two decades of revenue and growth expertise.
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Jeff Cullimore

Jeff Cullimore is a seasoned leader in B2B SaaS GTM strategy with a rich background in Marketing and Revenue Operations. 
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Kyle Welch

Kyle Welch possesses a seasoned background in driving tangible results and elevating productivity across diverse industries. 
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Tim Sedwitz

Tim Sedwitz is a dynamic leader in GTM strategy and revenue operations, renowned for architecting and scaling organizations. 

Who we are

BoostUp stands at the forefront of the modern sales landscape, where the dynamics of sales merge both art and science. RevOps, with its data-centric approach, is the heartbeat of our mission, ensuring revenue leaders are empowered to excel. With solutions spanning from Forecasting and Pipeline Management to Activity & Rep Productivity, BoostUp has emerged as a pivotal ally in Revenue Intelligence and Operations.
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Our purpose

Our commitment to data is unwavering. Since our foundation, we've embraced the transformative power of unified data. As the nuances of sales evolved, our platform did too, continually innovating to offer the most intuitive Revenue Intelligence and Operations solutions. Every step we take is aimed at holistically serving the Revenue Team.
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BoostUp: Setting the Gold Standard in RevOps

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Why Choose
RevOps MasterClass by BoostUp?

Our MasterClass is strategically designed to equip you with the expertise and knowledge to excel in RevOps. Whether you're seeking to stay updated with the latest in the industry, transition from other operations roles, or simply leverage a free premium learning opportunity, we've got you covered.

Seamless Transition Gateway

If you're a SalesOps, MarketingOps, or CSOps professional looking to pivot to RevOps, our MasterClass is a comprehensive bridge to ease your transition.

Systematic Learning Blueprint

Each session offers a structured approach, blending core insights, best practices, real-life examples, and actionable steps for a comprehensive learning experience.

Zero Fees, Premium Learning

Dive deep into the world of RevOps by just signing up to the platform. Our commitment is to offer top-tier education, free of charge, sharing the wisdom with future RevOps leaders.