Account Planning

By Matt Durazzani, Chief Revenue Officer at Olumo


24 minutes

About the course

Embark on a strategic journey of Account Planning under the expert guidance of Matt Durazzani, CRO at Olumo. This course offers a comprehensive look into the methods and strategies behind successful account planning, ensuring alignment with business goals, efficient resource utilization, and enhanced customer relationships. Drawing from Matt's vast experience, delve deep into the tools and tactics that lead to increased account penetration, growth, and long-term success.

Holistic Account Strategy

Learn to craft comprehensive account plans that consider customer needs, potential upsell opportunities, and long-term relationship-building tactics.

In-Depth Insights from a CRO's Perspective

Matt's role as CRO at Olumo provides a unique vantage point. Benefit from his hands-on experiences, exploring the challenges, solutions, and nuances of effective account planning.

Turning Plans into Action

Go beyond the theory, understanding how to operationalize account plans, monitor progress, and adapt based on real-world feedback and performance data.

Course Lessons

Matt Durazzani

Matt Durazzani, Olumo's Chief Revenue Officer, has over two decades of revenue and growth expertise. His rich experiences span from scaling startups from $0 revenue to nearly $500M, to pivotal roles in Unicorns that IPOed, such as Domo, and enterprise solutions acquired by giants like Oracle. Most recently, as a Global COO, Matt unified four distinct company regions across different currencies into a single standardized global operation. Beyond Olumo, Matt imparts his expertise in revenue operations and strategic growth by mentoring SaaS executives and industry peers.