Campaign Operations

By Jeff Cullimore, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Coalition

20 minutes

About the course

Embark on a transformative journey of campaign mastery with Jeff Cullimore, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at Coalition. This course unravels the art and science behind planning and executing successful marketing campaigns. With Jeff's hands-on expertise, dive deep into the strategies, tools, and methodologies that ensure campaign efficacy, drive engagement, and yield measurable results.

Blueprint to Successful Campaigns

Learn the comprehensive steps to craft and launch campaigns, from ideation and targeting to measurement and optimization.

On-The-Ground Insights from a Marketing Pro

Benefit from Jeff's seasoned perspective at Coalition, exploring real-world examples, challenges, and the nuances of driving campaigns that resonate and deliver.

Efficiency in Execution

Understand the mechanics of turning campaign plans into action, leveraging best practices, tools, and techniques for smooth and impactful execution.

Course Lessons

Jeff Cullimore

Jeff Cullimore is a seasoned leader in B2B SaaS GTM strategy with a rich background in Marketing and Revenue Operations. Dedicated to empowering Marketing Ops professionals, he adeptly uses technology and innovative processes to bolster go-to-market teams, turning them into organizational assets. At Coalition, as the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, Jeff's expertise shapes pivotal market strategies.