Commercial Tech Stack and Systems - Evaluating Your Tech Stack

By Kyle Welch, Director of Revenue Operations at Icario


20 minutes

About the course

Step into the evolving landscape of tech stack evaluation and optimization with Kyle Welch, Director of Revenue Operations at Icario. This course offers a comprehensive guide on auditing your current technological infrastructure, identifying gaps, and making informed decisions about future tech investments. Leverage Kyle's extensive experience to ensure your tech stack not only meets the demands of today but is primed for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Tech Stack Audits Made Simple

Learn the systematic approach to evaluating your current tech stack, determining its strengths, pinpointing weaknesses, and aligning with business goals.

Expert Guidance on Prioritization

With Kyle's insights from Icario, navigate the complex world of tech investments. Understand what to prioritize, when to scale, and how to ensure maximum ROI on every purchase.

Future-Proofing Your Tech Investments

Beyond immediate needs, grasp the strategies to ensure that your tech decisions are robust, scalable, and in sync with the evolving demands of the business landscape.

Course Lessons

Kyle Welch

Kyle Welch possesses a seasoned background in driving tangible results and elevating productivity across diverse industries. His commitment to enhancing the revenue generation cycle is underscored by a client-first approach. Regardless of a company's unique challenges, Kyle's proven 4-point strategy has consistently ensured success: team empowerment, streamlined processes, KPI-aligned communication, and continuous learning from results. At Icario, as the Director of Revenue Operations, Kyle's rich experience becomes a cornerstone for revenue optimization and strategic growth.