Compensation Planning

By Kyle Welch, Director of Revenue Operations at Icario

29 minutes

About the course

Unlock the complexities of compensation and commissions with Kyle Welch, Director of Revenue Operations at Icario. This course demystifies the multifaceted world of sales incentives, helping you design and implement robust comp plans that motivate performance and align with company goals. With Kyle's vast expertise, gain a holistic understanding of how to create, manage, and optimize compensation structures in a way that drives results.

Strategic Compensation Planning

Delve into the strategies behind effective compensation design, understanding the balance between motivating sales teams and ensuring organizational profitability.

Practical Insights from the Frontlines

Benefit from Kyle's hands-on experience at Icario, gaining insights into best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and the nuances of commission structures that cater to different sales roles and markets.

Actionable Frameworks for Success

Walk away with tangible tools and frameworks to design or refine your compensation plans, ensuring they are transparent, equitable, and primed to drive sales excellence.

Course Lessons

Kyle Welch

Kyle Welch possesses a seasoned background in driving tangible results and elevating productivity across diverse industries. His commitment to enhancing the revenue generation cycle is underscored by a client-first approach. Regardless of a company's unique challenges, Kyle's proven 4-point strategy has consistently ensured success: team empowerment, streamlined processes, KPI-aligned communication, and continuous learning from results. At Icario, as the Director of Revenue Operations, Kyle's rich experience becomes a cornerstone for revenue optimization and strategic growth.