Introduction to Revenue Operations

By Matt Durazzani, Chief Revenue Officer at Olumo

30 minutes 

About the Course

Delve into the essence of Revenue Operations with Matt Durazzani, CRO at Olumo. Explore what RevOps truly means, understand its significance, and discover how various companies are integrating it into their operations. Drawing from Matt's extensive experience, this course provides not just theoretical insights but actionable strategies tailored to real-world applications.

Foundational Understanding

Learn from the Elite in RevOps.
Gain a solid foundation of the RevOps domain, starting with its core essence, its significance in today's dynamic business landscape, and its varied interpretations across industries.

Guided by Real-World Insights

Real-Life Scenarios and Solutions
Through Matt's experiences and anecdotes, contextualize the principles of RevOps, offering a unique perspective on best practices and their applications across different companies.

Actionable Takeaways

Every session concludes with tangible steps, ensuring that you can immediately implement the insights and strategies discussed, irrespective of where you currently stand in your RevOps journey.

Course Lessons

Matt Durazzani

Matt Durazzani, Olumo's Chief Revenue Officer, has over two decades of revenue and growth expertise. His rich experiences span from scaling startups from $0 revenue to nearly $500M, to pivotal roles in Unicorns that IPOed, such as Domo, and enterprise solutions acquired by giants like Oracle. Most recently, as a Global COO, Matt unified four distinct company regions across different currencies into a single standardized global operation. Beyond Olumo, Matt imparts his expertise in revenue operations and strategic growth by mentoring SaaS executives and industry peers.