Operational Cadence for Marketing Teams

By Jeff Cullimore, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Coalition

12 minutes

About the course

Step into the orchestrated rhythm of marketing with Jeff Cullimore, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at Coalition. This course illuminates the intricate dance of marketing operations, focusing on establishing a seamless cadence through efficient systems and processes. Drawing on Jeff's rich expertise, uncover the strategies behind creating and maintaining a marketing rhythm that ensures alignment, agility, and results.

Setting the Marketing Beat

Dive into the foundational elements of establishing a consistent marketing cadence, ensuring all initiatives move in harmony and toward shared objectives.

Operational Excellence from the Frontlines

Leverage Jeff's insights from Coalition, diving deep into the challenges and triumphs of creating effective marketing systems and processes that align with business goals.

From Strategy to Execution

Beyond the theory, understand how to translate plans into actionable steps, ensure continuous improvement, and adapt to the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Course Lessons

Jeff Cullimore

Jeff Cullimore is a seasoned leader in B2B SaaS GTM strategy with a rich background in Marketing and Revenue Operations. Dedicated to empowering Marketing Ops professionals, he adeptly uses technology and innovative processes to bolster go-to-market teams, turning them into organizational assets. At Coalition, as the Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, Jeff's expertise shapes pivotal market strategies.