Sales Structure and Org Design

By Tim Sedwitz, Head of Revenue Operations at Snorkel AI

40 minutes

About the course

Step into the intricate world of sales structures and organizational design with Tim Sedwitz, Head of Revenue Operations at Snorkel AI. This course unveils the architecture behind successful sales teams, illustrating how optimal org designs can enhance performance and streamline processes. Leverage Tim's deep expertise to understand, design, and refine your own sales organizational structures.

Deep Dive into Sales Architecture

Embark on a journey to understand the nuances of sales structures, from basic configurations to advanced setups, ensuring a robust foundation for sales success.

Expert-Driven Insights & Strategies

Drawing from Tim's expansive experience at Snorkel AI, receive firsthand insights into the art and science of organizing sales teams effectively, tailored to different company scales and markets.

Tools for Immediate Implementation

Each session is crafted to not just impart knowledge but to equip you with actionable strategies and tools. Whether you're setting up a new sales team or refining an existing structure, gain the confidence to make informed decisions.

Course Lessons

Tim Sedwitz

Tim Sedwitz is a dynamic leader in GTM strategy and revenue operations, renowned for architecting and scaling organizations. At Yext, over an 8-year tenure, he was instrumental in amplifying the revenue team from 50 to 700+ members, and skyrocketing revenue from $35M to $350M. His expertise spans from devising sales strategies to implementing crucial tools for sales and client success. Now at Snorkel AI, as the Head of Revenue Operations, Tim continues to shape transformative go-to-market strategies and operational frameworks.