Territory Planning

By Matt Durazzani, Chief Revenue Officer at Olumo

27 minutes

About the course

Navigate the nuances of territory formation with guidance from Matt Durazzani, CRO at Olumo. This course delves into the strategic art of defining and allocating sales territories to optimize coverage, balance workloads, and maximize revenue. Leveraging Matt's profound expertise, gain insights into crafting territories that drive sales efficiency, team satisfaction, and overall business success.

Strategic Territory Design

Grasp the essentials of designing territories that align with market potential, ensuring that sales efforts are directed where they're most impactful.

Lessons from the

Drawing from Matt's extensive experiences at Olumo, uncover real-world challenges, best practices, and innovative strategies for effective territory formation.

Optimizing for Sales Success

Beyond just defining territories, learn how to continuously refine and adjust based on performance data, market shifts, and business growth, ensuring sustained sales success.

Course Lessons

Matt Durazzani

Matt Durazzani, Olumo's Chief Revenue Officer, has over two decades of revenue and growth expertise. His rich experiences span from scaling startups from $0 revenue to nearly $500M, to pivotal roles in Unicorns that IPOed, such as Domo, and enterprise solutions acquired by giants like Oracle. Most recently, as a Global COO, Matt unified four distinct company regions across different currencies into a single standardized global operation. Beyond Olumo, Matt imparts his expertise in revenue operations and strategic growth by mentoring SaaS executives and industry peers.